Red wines
Red wines are a unique blend of our traditional grape varieties like Monastrell, Tempranillo or Tintorera and international varieties like Merlot or Cabernet-Sauvignon. Reds have a beautiful ruby red colour, violet reflections and deep red or purple tones. Clean and frank nose, intense aroma, fruity notes, redcurrant and red fruits. On the palate they are powerful, rounded, persistent and full bodied.

The short maceration of red grapes between skins and must gives Rosés their characteristic colour and aroma. Rosés are clean and bright to the eye with different red tones. They also have an intense, fruity and clean scent. Flavours are fresh, pleasant and large.

White wines
Whites are transparent and bright with tones going from straw yellow to gold. Fragant and very fruity wines. Grape varieties used are Merseguera, Malvasía, Macabeo and native Verdil. Recently they are blended with Chardonay and Semillon.

Moscatel is produced using Muscat of Alexandria grape varieties and a traditional winemaking practise. The liquor wine obtained, also known as Mistela de Moscatel, has powerful aromatic properties and a great quality. The appearance is clean and bright and colours vary from straw yellow to dark amber. Moscatel is a unique, sweet, pleasant and natural native wine.


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