Regulatory Board


Established in 1957, the main objective of the Regulatory Board of Protected Designation of Origin Valencia is to guarantee the origin and the quality of their wines, protecting the interests of more than 80 wineries and 12,000 winegrowers. Regulatory Board supervises and promotes PDO Valencia wine production.

Today PDO Valencia gathers 13.000 hectares of vineyards divided in four production subzones, each one of them filled with picturesque and charming villages.

Alto Turia subzone is located in the northeast of the province and offers bright, fresh, fruity and aromatic white wines.

Valentino and Moscatel subzones are in the central part the province. The first one produces light, fruity and aromatic white wines as well as smooth and rounded reds. Moscatel produces liquor wines, with a minimum alcohol content of 15º, and a characteristic smooth and fluid bouquet. These wines are also used in other sweet wines production like Moscatel, prestigious sparkling wines and also to enhance Muscat grapes aroma in other white blends.

Clariano area, in the south of the province, produces light, straw yellow and aromatic white wines as well as and ruby coloured reds with a sharp and lingering scent and flavourful in the mouth.

PDO Valencia is an open and dynamic designation of origin with a long exporting tradition. Today, their wines are present in more than 100 countries worldwide and sells are above 46 million bottles, 30 million of them exported.



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