Wine tasting for cruise tourists


PDO Valencia offers excellent wines and gathers 13,000 hectares of vineyards divided in four production subzones, each of them filled with picturesque and charming villages.

It is an open and dynamic designation of origin with a great exporting tradition, being today the third of Spanish exporting producers.

Being concious of the increase of cruise tourists and their interest in wine culture, the Regulatory Board of PDO Valencia started an attractive wine tasting program in 2011, addressed to cruise passengers.

PDO’s Taste Valencian’s Wines program offers different custom and entertaining proposals where cruise tourists can learn about wine culture, discover different varieties and taste our excellent wines.

PDO Valencia provides several tasting packs tailored to suit tourists’ expectations.

Experts will host wine tastings at CR Vinos dependencies located in Valencia’s downtown.

Initial proposal:
Brief video presentation about traditions, the weather conditions and relevant aspects of PDO Valencia area. Esta actividad se desarrolla en el aula de catas.

Tasting of 5 wines produced by our most representative wineries, led by a profesional winemaker.

You can enjoy tasting white wines from Alto Turia, reds from Valentino and Clariano as well as other wines elaborated with our most representative varietal, Muscat of Alexandria.

Wine tasting will be held at CR Vinos subterranean cellar.

Approximate time: 50 minutes.

* Proposals can be customised.

Nowadays, together with tapa tours and Valencia city guided visits, wine tastings have become one of the most demanded activities by cruise tourists interested in learning and enjoying our products.



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